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    Support For Different Languages

    Tutodiego1997 · 4 · Last reply by Pro_ Snape

    My Idea / Suggestion is that The Bot Or The Bots Are In Different Languages ​​That Speak Many Countries Example: English, Spanish or French German, or another language.

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    Channel Locking

    Zytekaron · 3 · Last reply by Raven

    -blacklist/-whitelist commands are changed to allowing or disallowing channels to be used for music commands.

    -blacklist > Blacklists the current channel

    -blacklist #channel > Welp

    Same behavior for -whitelist

    Admins can use commands in all channels (maybe)

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    vote skip

    Jujulgreni · 5 · Last reply by Sikriet

    you write -voteskip as a command and a majority of the people present in the room must -skip to actually skip the song. bots are ignored obvioulsly.

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    Add comand to set a time limit

    Elunem · 0 · Posted

    The use of this command would be set a time limit to suggest songs, for example if I set 3m as limit. Nobody will be able to suggest songs that last longer than 3m. It would avoid songs of 23197313h

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    Automatically resume on autoreset

    Zytekaron · 0 · Posted

    Instead of -resume, automatically continue playing music when someone joins the voice channel.

    (At least last I checked this wasn't added)

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    Auto Playlist

    mastercoms · 1 · Last reply by PC 4DICTIONZ

    Automatically play from a set playlist when there is nothing in the queue, and then resume playing from the queue when something is added and the current song ends.

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    Daniel Mendes · 0 · Posted

    They could add radios to the bot, that would help a lot when we have no idea what to put in the queued. Thanks. This bot is actually very good, thank you very much.

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    Help menu Idea..

    SUPERCHIEFYT · 2 · Last reply by TheEmeraldMiner

    What about changing the help menu to include all of the commands? like a embed with reactions and you can click on each one to see the different sections for all of the commands, like general commands menu would show stuff like -play -skip -stop -np etc. and so on and so on, So it's all listed in the help menu instead of different pages on the site, this would help with new users aswell as old users, and Mobile users aswell, because they wouldn't have to open the site and close out of discord to see all of the

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    Add Command -settings

    Flan~ · 0 · Posted

    Which Is Means : look for the example Picture Bellow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So The Bot Send All The Settings, And Also It Can Be Changed In Discord / Bot Website

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    Automatically deleting command messages

    Write a Groovy command for example "-p (music)" and that my message is deleted but the music plays.

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    Goto command

    Zytekaron · 1 · Last reply by Nik

    -go to/-goto => alias for -jump or -seek. Probably -jump

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    Add support for mixcloud

    dbdan · 0 · Posted

    add support for

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    stopping others from skipping other’s songs

    0zauks 0 · 1 · Last reply by Sylar

    for a better experience of groovy, i think there should be a command to stop others from skipping other’s song. i don’t want a war to happen because of groovy, so this should help allot to calm down the channels.

    command example:

    -disable skip @everyone

    only roles with adminstator can skip musics. but normal people can’t, but if you do it to a specific role like -disable skip @members it would just disable it for that role only.

    side ideas- when this is enabled, songs will be shorten to 1 hours only or you can adjust the time limit of songs

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    mastercoms · 0 · Posted

    Add support for processing songs for auto-equalization, so that song volume is normalized.

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    Song Pop

    João Victor · 0 · Posted


    I thought that had a "song pop" in this bot, but I think i was wrong. It could have a "mini-game" just as song pop. Someone put some some song, and the other person have to write the name in the chat. I'm not sure if have this option, but if don't, could add it. ( Sorry for the bad english, i am from Brazil. ) If "song pop" be added to the bot, definitly I will buy the Premium!


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    improvement for -help command

    Dr Apple14 · 0 · Posted

    Like when someone types: -help -seek it shows him how to use it or whatever

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    Youtube remixes

    Lorenzo van hoorn · 2 · Last reply by Smrat Spurway

    Maybe u can add the option to list youtube remixes to the queue, just like u can with own made youtube playlists. Would be a lovely option.

    i love the groovy bots the most always high quality etc

    with friendly greetings lorenzo van hoorn A.K.A  @╲⎝⧹👽king kong👻⧸⎠╱#6189 

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    New commands checker

    will · 1 · Last reply by Nik

    A way to check the alterations made to a song; eg, pitch, speed, bassboost, volume, mode, etc.

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    Support files besides MP3 for direct audio file play

    Austin Peterson · 0 · Posted

    It would be cool if I could send Groovy .flac files or .wav files (or others), so that I don't have to convert my higher quality files before sending them to Groovy.

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    ugly · 1 · Last reply by Nik

    Something like -queue but it shows like the last 10 songs that were played. -queue/-q shows the next songs, and -history/-h would show the previous songs. My friend always plays bangers but then deletes his message so I never know the titles.