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    vote skip

    Jujulgreni · 5 · Last reply by Sikriet

    you write -voteskip as a command and a majority of the people present in the room must -skip to actually skip the song. bots are ignored obvioulsly.

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    Channel Locking

    Zytekaron · 3 · Last reply by Raven

    -blacklist/-whitelist commands are changed to allowing or disallowing channels to be used for music commands.

    -blacklist > Blacklists the current channel

    -blacklist #channel > Welp

    Same behavior for -whitelist

    Admins can use commands in all channels (maybe)

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    Support For Different Languages

    Tutodiego1997 · 4 · Last reply by Pro_ Snape

    My Idea / Suggestion is that The Bot Or The Bots Are In Different Languages ​​That Speak Many Countries Example: English, Spanish or French German, or another language.

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    Automatically resume on autoreset

    Zytekaron · 0 · Posted

    Instead of -resume, automatically continue playing music when someone joins the voice channel.

    (At least last I checked this wasn't added)

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    Add comand to set a time limit

    Elunem · 0 · Posted

    The use of this command would be set a time limit to suggest songs, for example if I set 3m as limit. Nobody will be able to suggest songs that last longer than 3m. It would avoid songs of 23197313h