Play Command 101

Groovy's play command supports many different flags to change how the command works. You can mix and match these to do anything your heart desires!

-next / -n 

Places the queued tracks directly after the playing track

-shuffle / -s

Shuffles the tracks before adding them to the queue

-reverse / -r

Reverses the order of the tracks before adding them to the queue

-choose / -c

Allows you to select which tracks you want to queue from the return results

-all / -a

By default, if you queue a playlist that has a selected track, it will just queue the selected track. However, in some cases, (like with YouTube mixes), you can only ever get a link to a song in the playlist and never a direct link to the playlist. The -all flag is meant to be used here to specifically ignore the selected track and treat it as if it's a full playlist.

-engine / -e

Selects the search engine used if you input a search query