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Channel Locking

-blacklist/-whitelist commands are changed to allowing or disallowing channels to be used for music commands.

-blacklist > Blacklists the current channel

-blacklist #channel > Welp

Same behavior for -whitelist

Admins can use commands in all channels (maybe)

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I recently use groovy and it does the job but for some reason I cannot deny read permissions from "Groovy" role for specific channels. I selected the specific role in the channel, denied Read Messages / Send Messages permissions but the bot still can see and write in the channel. weird.

idk but it is working now

Had Administrator permissions :)

Please do this! Btw I can't sign in using Twitter, gives me an error about something being broken from this site. Can't vote unless signed in. Might be why there is a lack of votes, but this idea is great!! What Shayne said is exactly what I do, but now I'm creating a server for my friend and it's kind of a pain. It also doesn't work if you give the bot admin so it can move freely among rooms that have restrictions on who can enter or # of people allowed in them.

I mean the Twitter login is related to our support community provider, helprace. We'll probably be switching to Zendesk at one point of time so this should resolve.
We've discussed the idea of channel wl/bl multiple times, although it adds additional database queries before running a command, which on a large scale might impact performance.

Still, I'm confident we'll find an elegant way to implement this feature ;)

Personally I would just deny the bot read permissions in channels I don't want the bot to see

This is currently the only way to accomplish what Z suggested. However, it is kinda inconvenient to have to deny it reading from every other channel.