Creating a DJ Role

1) Create the role

This part is fairly easy. All you have to do is create a role that be designated as the DJ role. For convenience, this tutorial assumes you name your DJ role "DJ."

2) Grant permissions to the DJ role

The next step is to grant permissions to the DJ role. A conventional DJ role will give DJs access to all permissions.

So, use the allow-all command. -perms allow all DJ

3) Remove the permissions from the everyone role

Next, you will have to remove permissions from the everyone role.

If you still want users to be able to do basic things like add songs to the queue and look at the queue, then you should only deny Manage Player and Manage Queue. The command for that is -perms deny everyone, manage player, manage queue

If you don't want regular users to be able to do anything, then just do -perms deny all everyone