Goodbye Marv, Hello Groovy!

Change List

  • Added a permission system that allows for far greater granularity. Groovy's commands have been divided up into 4 different groups (Add to Queue, View Queue, Manage Queue, and Manage Player). You can grant/deny these permissions from roles/users and create complex permission setups. Learn more.
  • A new website and support site. Now, suggestions and long-term issues can be separated and controlled much easier.
  • Moved to a flag-based play command. Instead of the hard-coded combinations, you can mix and match the existing options. Along with those, we've added new options. These include:
    • -s Shuffles the tracks before adding them to the queue.
    • -n - Queues them directly after the currently playing song
    • -j - Simulates a jump command to the first track queued
    • -c - Same thing as -search. Allows you to choose which songs to queue.
    • -r Reverses the songs before queueing them.
    • -a - Forces Groovy to queue all the songs that were returned. This allows you to queue things like YouTube mixes.
  • Time parsing has been updated. It now accepts integers (90), simple timestamps (1:30), and the previous ones (1m30s).
  • Added bass boosting
  • Added persistence for when the bot restarts. Now, when performing a short restart, the bot will reconnect and start playing the song it left off on.
  • Added ability to toggle Auto Reset
  • Reworked AutoPlay. It will no longer queue random pop songs if it cannot find a song to autoplay to.
  • Reworked playlist system. You can now have up to 1,000 saved playlists. Learn more.
  • Removed user prefixes due to significantly increasing the average number of database queries per message.
  • Removed Fair Queue due to little-to-no use and significant complexity.

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Hello Developer, I have an idea for this bot. I'm not sure if it's possible but for the commands should be entered on a specific channel by the administrator of any server


 #speach :   wrong chanel
#command-bot : song in queue

i'm not sure if it was a good example sorry x)

If you'd like to see this implemented in the bot, be sure to upvote the existing suggestion!